The name of the Association shall be "The Legion of Associated Airborne (RSA)" hereinafter referred to as "The Legion".

  The emblem of the Legion shall be as indicated on the sketch annexed hereto marked annexure "A". The manufacture, sale and use of the emblem of the Legion shall be decided upon by the Legion committee from time to time.

  annexure "A"

  The objects of the Legion are:
  3.1 To arrange communication between members, with common interests as paratroopers and to strengthen the spirit between them.
  3.2 To canvas and sign on members who will qualify for membership as hereinafter provided for.
  3.3 To organize functions which will strengthen the bonds of the friendship and cameraderie
  3.4 To promote the spirit and traditions of the Legion internationally and nationally.
  3.5 To collect donations, to receive membership funds, to administer the said funds in terms of the provisions of this constitution.
  3.6 To arrange get-togethers on special days and occasions.
  3.7 To establish a Benevolent Fund for the exclusive use of the members of the Legion, and the widows of such members, and orphans or other dependents of the members of the Legion or deceased members. Out of such fund payments will be made to assist such persons financially subject, however, that any payment in excess of the sum of R 500-00 (Five Hundred Rand) shall be sanctioned by the Legion at a special meeting and payments less than R 500-00 (Five Hundred Rand) may be approved by the committee.

  4.1 All persons who can submit proof that they are or were trained paratroopers who had successfully undergone an approved military parachute jumping course will qualify to apply for membership and/or will be invited to make such application. All applicants shall be screened by the committee and should the committee approve of such application, such applicant shall be admitted as a member of the Legion. The committee's decision shall be final and binding.
  4.2 Country members will be accepted by the Legion and persons that reside outside the PWV area shall be so admitted, subject to the conditions stipulated in 4.1 hereof.
  4.3 An honorary colonel shall be nominated by the members and shall thereafter be invited to fill such position. Membership fees and annual subscription shall not be compulsory unless such honorary members shall elect to make payment of such fees and subscriptions. The appointment of such honorary members shall be for the duration of such person's lifetime or until he resigns. Only one honorary position shall be occupied within the Legion from time to time.

  In order to obtain membership, application will be made to the committee who will deal with the matter as is provided for in paragraph 4 hereinabove.

  A register of all members shall be maintained. A certificate of proof of membership shall be issued to each member.

  The Legion shall be managed by a committee which shall consist of:
  7.1 A chairman
  7.2 A vice-chairman
  7.3 A secretary
  7.4 A treasurer
  7.5 One additional member

  The members of the committee shall be elected at an annual general meeting

  9.1 An annual general meeting of the members shall be held at a venue to be predetermined once in every calendar year by not later than the 30th day of June of each and every thereof year. Not less than fourteen (14) days notice of such meeting shall be given to all members.
  9.2 The business to be transacted at the annual general meeting shall be:
    (a) To confirm the minutes of the previous general meeting.
    (b) To receive and consider the report of the affairs of the Legion, and statement of accounts.
    (c) To elect the office bearers for the following year.
    (d) To elect the Legion's auditor.
    (e) To consider any resolutions concerning the affairs of the Legion.
  9.3 A quorum for the purpose of the annual general meeting shall be 20 of the members of the Legion.

  If a member of the committee resigns before the completion of his term of office, the committee may co-opt a member with voting power to fill such vacancy.

  11.1 The committee shall meet at least once every two months.
  11.2 50% of the members of the committee shall be quorum.
  11.3 Each member of the committee shall have one vote and the chairman shall have a casting vote.
  11.4 The committee shall be responsible for the control and management of the Legion in accordance with the resolutions adopted by the annual general meeting as set out in this constitution.
  11.5 The committee may appoint auditors and attorneys to assist the Legion.

  A banking account shall be opened with an acknowledged bank, and all monies received by the Legion shall be deposited in such banking account, and all payments made out of such an account shall be drawn by cheque, and signed by two members of the committee.

  A special meeting shall be convened upon receipt by the committee of a request in writing from the members of the Legion which request shall contain the signatures of one half of the members of the Legion. The purpose of any such special general meeting shall be to discuss only the matter/s that the requesting members wish to be discussed.

  14.1 At annual general meetings and social meetings, all voting shall take place by way of the show of hands and the chairman shall have a casting vote in the case of equality.
  14.2 Country members shall vote as normal save that should such country member be unable to attend any annual general meeting or special meeting, he may also submit postal votes for any potential candidate, which he (the country member) would like to have serving on the committee. Any such postal votes shall be accepted at any annual general meeting or special meeting on condition that the person so voted for is nominated for an office on the committee, and if not so nominated, such postal votes shall be of no force nor effect.
  14.3 No proxy votes will be accepted.

  Any change to these rules and regulations shall only take place at an annual general meeting or special meeting, subject to the conditions that fourteen (14) days notice has been given of such intended change to all members of the Legion, and any change shall be approved by a two-third majority vote of members present at such meeting.

  16.1 Membership shall terminate when a member dies or submits a written resignation.
  16.2 The committee shall be empowered to terminate the membership of any member at its sole discretion at a committee meeting, and upon notice being given to such member of the committee's decision, such member's membership shall deem to have ceased. The committee's decision in this respect shall be reviewable only by the members at an annual general meeting, or by the members at a special meeting. The decision of the annual general meeting or special meeting in this respect, shall be final and binding.

  17.1 The entrance fee to be paid to the Legion shall be R 40-00.
  17.2 Members shall pay R 100-00 annually in advance, alternatively by prior arrangement with the committee by way of installments as the committee deems fit and equitable.

  Monthly meetings of the Legion shall be held on the first Thursday of each month at 20h00,
to be held at a prior suitable arranged venue, and ordinary members are required to attend not less than fifty per cent of such meetings, however, telephonic apologies to any member of the committee shall be sufficient notification of a valid apology. Should any such member fail to attend fifty per cent of the monthly meetings, then such member shall be precluded from voting at the following annual general meeting.

  The bar shall be closed until the business of any meeting has been concluded, and no alcohol shall be used during any meeting, and drinks shall only be served after meetings.

  Members are authorized to invite visitors to have drinks with members after the monthly meeting has been concluded. A visitor book will be available for signing by such visitors. Visitors may attend the meeting.